To become a leading organization known globally and recognized as "Best of the Partners" for providing "Best of the Class" Certification, Inspection and Training Services.


•     Providing state of the art certification, inspection training services
•     Always exceeding customer satisfaction
•     Be innovative, competitive cost effective
•     Compliance to all applicable statutory regulatory, accreditation requirements
•     Never ending improvement
•     Welfare of our community and society at large


•     Impartiality, Transparency, Confidentiality and Accountability
•     Honest, Ethical and Trustworthy
•     Equal employment opportunity
•     Initiative for growth
•     Global exposure
•     Committed to Excellence
•     Employees are the OWNERS

Quality Policy

•     Comply with ISO 17021 accreditation requirements
•     Comply with ISO 17020 accreditation requirements
•     Customer focused
•     Fast processing to certifications
•     Cost competitive
•     Ensuring confidentiality & impartiality in all certification process
•     Continuous improvement

HSE Policy

•     Provision of healthy working conditions and green environment
•     Pollution prevention, controlling emissions and nature preservation
•     Promoting reduction and recycling of waste
•     Use of PPEs at HSE operational sites
•     Operational safety, personal security and integrity of employees
•     Regular training on advanced QHSE challenges
•     Protection of our trainers, Auditors and Inspectors from every hazard
•     Total compliance of statutory & regulatory requirements

Social & Ethical Policy

•     Fair behaviour of all employees and clients
•     Transparency of our business policies and practices
•     Ethically accountable throughout our operations
•     We do not work with the companies as well as contractors those:

o     Employing child labour at facilities
o     Having forced or bonded labour
o     Discriminating based on origin, religion, cast and gender
o     Involved in bribery, illegal activities and unethical practices
Our policies are reviewed regularly to ensure ongoing suitability. These commitments are in addition to all applicable accreditation standards and other applicable laws and regulations.

Impartiality and Confidentiality Policy

ACS Registrars Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. pledges to abide by, and adhere to all ethical values of professionalism in accordance with the dictates of accreditation and regulatory authorities.

We stand committed to:
•     Safeguarding conflicts of interest through an independent Impartiality Committee
•     Maintenance of absolute confidentiality in all our dealings
•     Promotion of ethical and moral values
•     Assuring development of professional competence in our audit and certification activities


Religious belief and compliance with ISO 17021-1:2015 and other accreditation standards / guiding documents shall always be the hallmark of our operational excellence.